• Deep knowledge of the domain
  • Stays up to date and believes in continuous learning


  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Good Empathic Skills
  • Establish relationship with the student


  • Makes the subject interesting while teaching
  • Encourages students to explore further
  • Does not limit his teaching to books only
  • Triggers curiosity so that students can investigate further
  • Provides real-life examples to help students understand easily
  • Recommends books and website references to students for further reading
  • Pays attention to each student specially the ‘back-benchers’
  • Makes the teaching an interactive session (not one-way lecture)
  • Sets high expectation- provider print outs
  • Uses right tool at the right moment (white board explanation, shows YouTube video, asks a student to re-explain, pictures, illustrations, prints handouts, info graphics, slides )
  • Reduce overload
  • Reduce distractions
  • Takes frequent breaks
  • Use educational games
  • Practices Think-Pair-Share approach
  • Promotes contradiction that lead to learning
  • Encourages reading


  • Member of respective journals and forums
  • Disciplined
  • Classroom management skills
  • Forward thinking mindset
  • Record management


  • Engaging personality
  • Interesting (not boring)
  • Kind, patient, caring
  • Practices different methods of teaching and learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Question based learning
  • Experimental learning
  • Knows how to handle different types of students (bullying student, dull student, over smart student, naughty students etc)

References:Prodigygame, Pearsoned, snhu

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