A teacher can surely be considered as Father of the Nation. Just like a father provides vision and guidance to the kids, a teacher enhances the mental horizon of the students, enabling them becoming better human being and succeed through practicing great principals of life. Whether you are a teacher, a parent or a human resource professional, this article that provides a list of 33 Qualities of a Great Teacher should help you know about the best professional and personality traits of great teachers.

33 Qualities of a Great Teacher

Below are the 33 Qualities of a Great Teacher that have been grouped based on certain categories

Knowledge and Information Level

  1. Deep knowledge of the domain
  2. Stays up to date and believes in continuous learning

2- Communication Skills

  1. Excellent Communication Skills
  2. Good Empathic Skills
  3. Establish relationship with the student

3- Teaching Traits

  1. Makes the subject interesting while teaching
  2. Encourages students to explore further
  3. Does not limit his teaching to books only
  4. Triggers curiosity so that students can investigate further
  5. Provides real-life examples to help students understand easily
  6. Recommends books and website references to students for further reading
  7. Pays attention to each student specially the ‘back-benchers’
  8. Makes the teaching an interactive session (not one-way lecture)
  9. Sets high expectation- provider print outs
  10. Uses right tool at the right moment (white board explanation, shows YouTube video, asks a student to re-explain, pictures, illustrations, prints handouts, info graphics, slides )
  11. Reduce overload
  12. Reduce distractions
  13. Takes frequent breaks
  14. Use educational games
  15. Practices Think-Pair-Share approach
  16. Promotes contradiction that lead to learning
  17. Encourages reading
33 Qualities of a Great Teacher


  1. Member of respective journals and forums
  2. Disciplined
  3. Classroom management skills
  4. Forward thinking mindset
  5. Record management

Overall Personality

  1. Engaging personality
  2. Interesting (not boring)
  3. Kind, patient, caring
  4. Practices different methods of teaching and learning
  5. Adaptive learning
  6. Question based learning
  7. Experimental learning
  8. Knows how to handle different types of students (bullying student, dull student, over smart student, naughty students etc)

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