References: Edutopia, TeachThought, GreatSchools

Great classroom and effective teaching is something every parent wants for their child. Therefore, every school management should have the quality of teaching, quality of teachers and great classroom environment in their agenda. This article covers 20 Points For Great Classroom and Effective Teaching grouped in 7 categories.

20 Points For Great Classroom and Effective Teaching

IT Infrastructure

– Projector availability (to showcase videos)
– Mic (depending upon class size)
– White board (to scribble)

Classroom Size and Furniture

– Enough chairs
– Cupboard for placing bags
– Adequate light
– Temperature control

Teacher Works as Facilitator

– Instills learning
– Creates suspense
– Assigns research based assignments
– Read these 33 qualities of a great teacher


– Everyone’s engagement is ensured
– Everyone becomes the team lead once in a while
– Everyone has to present once in a while

Variety of Learning Methods

– Question answer session
– Quick workshops where students speak to each other and discuss solutions to problems

Healthy Competition

– Every student is given different assignment
– Every assignment has percent contribution towards end exam

Clear Expectation about Success Criteria

– Rules are clearly defined
– Exam approach is fair and candid

References: Edutopia, TeachThought, GreatSchools



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