E-learning has developed a new learning mechanism for the education sector. The advent of the Pandemic has emphasized the need for a virtual classroom system strongly. Initially, It started as an alternative to the manual management system to sustain the continuity of schools in hard times, but soon it has become the main source for handling the school operations comprehensively. How Digitization and Technology are Shaping Education System in India

People are steadily opting for digital solutions for their daily needs. Considering this fact, the Education sector is the most decisive sector that cannot afford to lag behind without the effective implementation of technology. This idea led to the creation of Online School Management Software. Also, Digital Transformation is one of the prime goals of the Current Incumbent Government of India. 

The development in technology has abridged the numerous complicated problems of humans to date. The most obvious benefits of technology is that it brings transparency, assists in smoother functioning, and enhances business productivity substantially. 

The internet penetration rate (Percentage of people using the internet of the total population) in India is recorded to be 48.7% in January 2023. It is assumed to reach 55% by the end of 2023. That is huge! These numbers say a lot about technology and digitization.

How Digitization and Technology are Shaping Education System in India

The Need for Digitization in Schools:

The growth of a Person & a Country is giantly dependent upon the quality of the Education they possess. Keeping that in mind, The government has reformed the Education System in India with a New Education Policy (NEP) that accentuates digitization with the usage of technology. All these efforts are being done to embrace quality education. 

It is a fact that Digitization is taking us to a new world in all sectors. And, as we say that change is the only constant. Therefore, it is apparent to manifest yourself to get along with the change. Advanced learning methods and processes are present, and one must be assured to witness the new technological aspects in the future as well.

Let’s Understand Some Benefits of Digitization and Technology for Schools:

  • Bridging the Communication Gap:

The Digital Transformation of Schools is truly a blessing. It facilitates seamless communication among all the stakeholders i.e. all 50 types of students, Teachers, Parents, & the School itself. It provides a shared environment that narrows down the communication gap. 

  • Empowers More Resources:

Digital Learning is furnished with Recorded Lectures, Test Quizzes, and Learning Materials that play a significant role in stimulating the learning process. It is easy to access study materials and other learning stuff with digitization. The students can have 24/7 access to the resources. 

  • Personalized Experience:

Digital solutions empower teachers to prepare personalized lessons according to the student’s needs. An effective teaching mechanism results in effective learning. Moreover, This platform offers freedom to students to make them learn at their own speed accordingly. 

  • Enforces the Development of New Digital Learning Strategies:

In order to progress, we shall not shy away from doing things differently. New learning methods like Gamification, Micro-Learning, are becoming extensively popular. Acquiring new techniques makes students more progressive and skillful. 

  • Increases Accountability:

Digitization of Schools helps students to have more authority over the learning mechanism. A student-driven environment laid a significant structure for the growth and development of students. This increases the accountability of the schools to provide a suitable platform to nurture the students. 

  • Comprehensive Tracking: 

Tracking is essential to track the overall growth of an individual or a business. It allows us to focus on those areas where improvement is required. These results help us to plan future prospects carefully.


Digitization is the present & the future of Learning. There are many problems in Indian education system however digital transformation makes learning exciting, interactive, and engaging. So, it is always recommended to use the School ERP software to manage all school activities digitally. The new learning technique is enriched with powerful features that correspond to all the stakeholders of schools and colleges.


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