Congratulations on opening a new school! We understand that this can be an exciting and busy time, so we’ve put together a checklist to help you stay organized and ensure a smooth start. Here’s a compiled list of 65 Points Checklist for Opening a New School

65 Points Checklist for Opening a New School

Administrative Tasks – 7 Points

[ ] Register the school with the appropriate education authorities.
[ ] Secure the necessary permits and licenses required to operate as a school.
[ ] Develop the school’s mission, vision, and values.
[ ] Establish a functional organizational structure.
[ ] Determine the number of faculty and staff required and begin hiring.
[ ] Develop policies and procedures for the school’s operation.
[ ] Create a school handbook outlining rules and regulations for students, parents, and faculty.

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Infrastructure and Facilities – 11 Points

[ ] Find a suitable location for the school.
[ ] Renovate or set up classrooms, offices, and common areas.
[ ] Install necessary IT infrastructure and ensure internet connectivity.
[ ] Set up a library with a collection of books and resources.
[ ] Establish science and computer labs with required equipment.
[ ] Create a cafeteria or dining area for students and staff.
[ ] Ensure proper safety measures are in place, including fire alarms, extinguishers, and first aid kits.
[ ] Check and repair any damage to building infrastructure, furniture, or equipment.
[ ] Ensure proper ventilation and air quality within the school premises.
[ ] Stock up on essential supplies such as cleaning materials, hand sanitizers, face masks, and gloves.
[ ] Create designated spaces for handwashing or sanitizing stations.

Checklist for Opening a New School
Checklist for Opening a New School

Curriculum and Instruction – 6 Points

[ ] Design a curriculum that aligns with educational standards and the school’s mission.
[ ] Determine teaching methodology and instructional strategies.
[ ] Select textbooks, teaching materials, and required resources.
[ ] Plan extracurricular activities and develop a schedule.
[ ] Create a system for assessing student progress and reporting.
[ ] Train teachers in the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment methods to be used.

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Admissions and Marketing – 5 Points

[ ] Develop a marketing strategy to promote the school.
[ ] Create social media accounts and integrate them with your website
[ ] Organize open houses and information sessions for prospective students and parents.
[ ] Develop an admissions process and enrollment criteria.
[ ] Design and distribute marketing materials such as brochures and flyers.

[ ] Develop a budget and financial plan for the school’s operation.
[ ] Secure funding or establish a system for collecting tuition fees.
[ ] Ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.
[ ] Obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the school.

Staff Training and Development – 8 Points

[ ] Organize orientation and training sessions for new staff members.
[ ] Provide professional development opportunities for teaching and non-teaching staff.
[ ] Foster a positive and supportive school culture for all staff members. Staff Preparation
[ ] Conduct professional development sessions to update teaching skills and techniques.
[ ] Review and revise staff policies and protocols.
[ ] Provide necessary training on new equipment, technology, or software.
[ ] Foster collaboration and team-building among staff members.
[ ] Encourage open communication and provide opportunities for professional growth

School Management Software – 6 Points

[ ] Establish Student performance management and one-click reporting
[ ] Establish communication system (teacher communication, parent communication, staff communication)
[ ] Establish parent engagement system.
[ ] Implement teacher and staff training mechanisms.
[ ] E2E Financial management system
[ ] Data security and integrity
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School Website Establishment – 8 Points

[ ] Powerful and attractive domain name finalization, registration and hosting plan purchase
[ ] Social media integration and content management
[ ] Establishing dedicated pages for school’s mission, vision, and values.
[ ] Establishing parent login / student login pages
[ ] Search Engine Optimization for the school website to get more traffic.
[ ] School Logo Finalization using Canva
[ ] Onboarding social media team to publish School events.
[ ] Publishing school fee structure and offering special discounts.

Student Support – 5 Points

[ ] Organize orientations and meetings for students and parents.
[ ] Provide counseling services and resources for students’ mental health and well-being.
[ ] Develop strategies to support students with special educational needs or learning disabilities.
[ ] Identify and implement interventions to address students’ individual academic challenges.
[ ] Foster a safe and inclusive environment that promotes respect and positive relationships.

Additional Resource to help you fly – 5 Points

As part of Checklist for Opening a New School, please see below additional guidance contents:

Remember, opening a new school is a journey that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Feel free to customize this checklist based on your specific requirements and local regulations. Good luck with your new school, and we wish you great success in providing quality education to your students!

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