12 Tips To Reduce TV Watch Time For Your Kids

Kids are addicted to TV these days which is impacting their psychology and health. These 8 tips will help you reduce the TV or Screen time for kids

List Of Careers, Professions, Hobbies and Business Ideas for Students

Students start thinking from their teenage on what they want to be in future. Out of their curiosity, they consult their parents however many of parents do not have detailed knowledge and exposure about careers, professions, hobbies and skills to give proper guidance...

20+ Aspects of a Great Classroom and Effective Teaching

20+ aspects on better classrooms, better teaching and better educating techniques

What Should Be Stopped In Schools

This page compiles parents feedback on what they DO NOT like in their kids school. This covers unnecessary actions or problem-causing school activities that should be stopped by the school.

15+ Key Roles of Ministry of Education

Ministry of education has to play active and effective role in the below mentioned 15+ domains to bring excellence in the field of education.

How To Achieve 100% Literacy Rate In Poor Countries

This article covers 12 important aspects to ensure maximum literacy rate

Checklist – Evaluate Your Kids’ School

#Check PointExpectationYour Ranking1Average class size Poor2Quality Education Fair3Teachers' Credentials Good4Attention to each student Fair5home work Fair6Discipline Poor7Career Counselling  Good8Bullying...

55 Signs of A Great School

55 Qualities of a Great School

18 Features Of A Great School Transport System

School Transport Syste

33 Qualities of a Great Teacher

signs of a great teacher
what qualities best teachers have

What Are Main Problems Of Your Kids' School?
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What Are The Signs Of a Great School?
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What age mobile should be given to kids?
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17 Important Points to Consider When Finalizing The School For Your Child

Writer Junaid Tahir and his 11 years old son, Rafay, have prepared these 17 checks for parents to help finalize the school for their kids.

20 Signs of a Great Class Room

This article covers 20+ important aspects of better classroom and better education grouped in 7 categories. Click to read these points in detail and share with others.

How to Acheive 100% Literacy Rate

This article covers 12 important aspects to ensure maximum literacy rate in poor countries of Asia and Africa in particular. The actions are required to be taken by respective ministries, local bodies, philanthropic and…