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Story – Success Tip For New Graduates

Story – Success Tip For New Graduates

This short story article provides success tip to new graduates. If it is understood and praticed, will enable today's youth to get closer to success by a large extent. Story - Success Tip For New Graduates Moiz, my 4 years son, was gifted with a new toy car from his...

10 Life Tips for New Graduates

10 Life Tips for New Graduates

Congratulations on achieving your professional degree! By now you might have done some internships and tasted a bit of professional life or soon you are going to commence the lifelong  professional journey. In this context, below are my 10 life tips for new graduates...

What are the 8 best school systems in the world and why?

What are the 8 best school systems in the world and why?

In the education niche, several countires have evolved to establish best school systems because education is the core element that determines the career and personality of a student. Education is the one that makes difference between us and the other by developing a...

How Top Students Study – 12 Study Tips

How Top Students Study – 12 Study Tips

This article provides 12 Study tips and tricks from top students. There are different types of students when it comes to studying approach: -          Responsible and Active Students: Students who revise the course material every day and keep themselves synchronized...

68 Awesome Tips On Modern Parenting

68 Awesome Tips On Modern Parenting

Every parent wants to be the best one and strives to do all the right actions based on the mental apprehension of the subject. However, many of these actions may not produce the best results while upbringing the kids. Below is a list of 68 awesome tips about modern...

50+ Powerful Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Teenagers – Part 7

50+ Powerful Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Teenagers – Part 7

This article is continuation of 50+ parenting tips for toddlers and teenager for empowring them to be more mature, happy and successful in life. If you have not read the first 6 parts, it is highly recommended to click on the links provided below. Parenting Tips Part...

School Review: Choueifat School Sharjah, UAE

School Review: Choueifat School Sharjah, UAE

Background: Choeifat school system is one of the oldest school systems of middle east with 30+ branches in UAE, Middle East, Europe, America and Australia. According to Wikipedia SABIS is an education management organization that operates schools in fifteen countries...

55 Signs Of a Great School

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”
Malcolm X

68 Awesome Tips for Modern Parenting

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.” 
Carl Jung
awesome tips on modern parenting

60 Things To Do When Kids Are Bored

“Education is the mother of leadership.”
Wendell Willkie
Parenting activities for toddlers & teenagers enabling your kids to become future starts! The precise list is easy to understand and practice

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“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

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