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Article Ideas:

  • X reasons on why Japan School System is one of the best in the world

  • What extracurricular activities should be organized in Schools?

  • What are the best school systems in the world and why?

  • What is your main complaint with your child school?

  • Should schools consider education with electronic devices?

  • Do you think the exam system in Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) is justified?

  • How to hire a good teacher for your school?

  • Whats skills should be taught to grade 10 students before they start college?

  • How to improve Parent Teacher Meetings ?

  • Should homework be given to students?

  • What foreign languages should be taught in school and from what age?

  • Ethical education should be given in school?

  • How to regulate fee structure?

  • What are standard needs a school must provide to kids (first aid, healthy snacks etc)?

  • Why Finland provides best education ?

  • X number of problems with Pakistan/Indian School Systems?

  • Skills based learning should be introduced at what age?

  • Teachers training and skills enhancement

  • Educating the parents

  • How to establish scholarship programs for good students?

  • Apps development for improving education

  • X best android apps for your kids

  • How schools can stop bullying?

  • What are the aspects of a great school echo system?

  • what are the needs of a great classroom?

  • How to improve quality of teachers and teaching?

  • How often school trips should be arranged?

  • How to arrange best school trip?

  • How to improve mental level of kids (IQ)?

  • Why kids should be taught of IQ, AQ and SQ (intelligent, Social, Aptitude quotient)?

  • X Tips to cool down an aggressive child?

  • X Tips for Emotionally hyper kids

  • what are best teaching techniques teachers can use?

  • Importance of student alumina and student learning groups

  • School Monitoring system – X salient features

  • Robotics and Machine learning trainings for students

  • X International competitions which students should take part in?

  • X best School Management Softwares (WordPress etc)

  • How to ensure creative learning in schools>

  • How to handle unregistered private schools?

  • Why it is important to have Teachers Regulatory Body?

  • How to control bribes in school (exam passing)?

  • How to fix ratta (memorization) system approach and promote cognitive skills?

  • What is the role of a school principal?

  • What is the role of parents for kids education?

  • How education budget in Pakistan is utilized?

  • How education budget is utilized in India?

  • Student to teacher ratio? How to decide? What are the key factors for this?

  • How much of physical education is needed per week?

  • What soft skills should be taught in schools in grade 10?

  • How to instill discipline in kids?

  • What age mobile phone should be given?

  • How bullying affects your child’s psychology?

  • How modern libraries should be established?

  • How to enhance confidence of kids?

  • What moral education should be taught?

  • Why you should join “student council“?

  • What are the future jobs we should teach our kids today?

  • X confidence building activities for students?

  • X example of teaching kids to spend wisely

  • Benefits of using technology in classroom

  • Why today’s students need technology?

  • Why students fail?

  • X healthy lunch ideas for students

  • X activities for weekend

  • Benefits of no-digital-day

  • X Digital skills for today’s kids

  • X Challenges of teachers in school

7 Super Powers University Students Must Have To Succeed

By Junaid Tahir This article is about 7 Super Powers University Students Must Have To Succeed All of us crave for a happy life, peace of mind, mature character and success in life however most of us do not really strive to achieve these goals. Out of us who exert...

10 Life Tips for New Graduates

Congratulations on achieving your professional degree! By now you might have done some internships and tasted a bit of professional life or soon you are going to commence the lifelong  professional journey. In this context, below are my 10 life tips for new graduates...

7 Tips for Your Child to Be a Responsible Teenager

As parents, you always dream of having an independent and responsible teenager. Someone that lends a helping hand with any household chores without being told and regularly calls to inform you when they hang out with a good group of friends. However, this is easier...

What are the 8 best school systems in the world and why?

In the education niche, several countires have evolved to establish best school systems because education is the core element that determines the career and personality of a student. Education is the one that makes difference between us and the other by developing a...

10 Awesome Tips To Improve Writing Skills For Children

If you're a parent, teaching your children how to write is an essential skill that will help them succeed in the future. This post will provide tips to improve writing skills for children of all ages. What Is A Good Writing Skill for Children? Simply put, it's one...

Is English The Hardest Language To Learn? 4 Factors to Consider

Is English The Hardest Language to Learn? Yes it is! Among the romance languages, English happens to be the most difficult to learn. It has been established by results of surveys conducted that within a year, children learning other languages master the basic elements...

7 Important Roles of A School Principal

7 Important roles of a school principal A Principal’s role may vary depending upon the team size/structure of a school. Some startups may not have CFOs, CMOs or CIOs and other similar roles. In such cases a Principal is required to step into additional domains and...

50 Types of Students – Which One Are You?

Students have so many types based on their behavior, habits, responsiveness, class environments. Below is somewhat funny list of students. Check it out and let us know in comments about what kind of student you are or have been! 50 Types of Students ​The Star Student:...

How Top Students Study – 12 Study Tips

This article provides 12 Study tips and tricks from top students. There are different types of students when it comes to studying approach: -          Responsible and Active Students: Students who revise the course material every day and keep themselves synchronized...

Bullying Story of a 12 Years Old Student

Hello friends, I am 12 years old and I would like to tell my aweful bullying story from my first day at school. First day at school  To begin with, I will talk about my first day at school which did not go so well. It was the first day of September and I was very...

68 Awesome Tips On Modern Parenting

Every parent wants to be the best one and strives to do all the right actions based on the mental apprehension of the subject. However, many of these actions may not produce the best results while upbringing the kids. Below is a list of 68 awesome tips about modern...

24 Critical Problems of Online Classes (and 6 advantages)

Corona has disturbed the education ecosystem as a result of which several problems of online classes have emerged. Schools have adopted online methods of teaching however there are numerous critical problems associated with this approach. It is important that...

50+ Powerful Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Teenagers – Part 7

This article is continuation of 50+ parenting tips for toddlers and teenager for empowring them to be more mature, happy and successful in life. If you have not read the first 6 parts, it is highly recommended to click on the links provided below. Parenting Tips Part...

School Review: Choueifat School Sharjah, UAE

Background: Choeifat school system is one of the oldest school systems of middle east with 30+ branches in UAE, Middle East, Europe, America and Australia. According to Wikipedia SABIS is an education management organization that operates schools in fifteen countries...

10+ Major Problems With The Indian Education System

Ok, India is one of the largest economies of the world. Through its current education system, India produces best brain and supplies to the whole world. Yet, India has one of the poorest literacy rates in the world and most of its population does not have acess to...

50+ Effective Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Teenagers – Part 6

Parenting Tips Part 1 Parenting Tips Part 2 Parenting Tips Part 3 Parenting Tips Part 4 Parenting Tips Part 5 This article is continuation of 50+ parenting tips for toddlers and teenager for empowring them to be more mature, happy and successful in life. If you have...

14 Recommendations For Choosing The Right School Bag for Kids

Why Choosing The Right School Bag for Kids is Important School bag will be used by your child for the whole year. If you do not chose the right school bag, your child may have to face several problems such as: Back Pain, spine or shoulder problems - if the school bag...

50+ Effective Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Teenagers – Part 5

Parenting Tips Part 1 || Parenting Tips Part 2 || Parenting Tips Part 3 || Parenting Tips Part-4 47.    Not everyone is A grader -  Don’t expect your kids to bring home the best progress report from school. Everyone is ‘differently’ genius. Some kids are best in...

16 Inspirational Quotes About Teachers and Teaching

‘I am not a teacher, but an awakener.’ –Robert Frost ‘I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.’ –Albert Einstein ‘When one teaches, two learn.’ –Robert Heinlein ‘I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them...

50+ Effective Parenting Tips For Toddlers and Teenagers – Part 4

Parenting Tips Part 1 || Parenting Tips Part 2 || Parenting Tips Part 3 37.    Tell meaningful stories -  Stories are one of the best ways for teaching meaningful lessons of life. Stories stay in mind for longer duration and hence the message behind them. Read this...

60+ Interesting Things To Do When Kids Are Bored

Back in 90s kids never complained about being bored. Even i didn't know what 'bored' means as I used to spend most of my time with friends and having fun by doing simple stuff at home, in our street or in the play ground. Time is different now. Kids want variety in...

Teachers’ Toolkit for Handling Sibling Bullying

Teachers’ Toolkit for Handling Sibling Bullying When I saw that agreeable, friendly child helping his younger brother to pack his backpack, I couldn’t believe that he was a bully to the same brother. But that was what his teacher has told me earlier that morning. She...

12 Effective Tips To Reduce TV and Screen Time For Your Kids

This article provides 12 effective tips to reduce TV and Screen Time for your kids. With the advancement of science and technology current generation of kids have been bombarded with exciting cartoons, addicting video games, social media activities, messaging apps, TV...

20+ Aspects of a Great Classroom and Effective Teaching

IT Infrastructure- Projector availability (to showcase videos) - Mic (depending upon class size)- White board (to scribble)Classroom Size and Furniture - Enough chairs- Cupboard for placing bags- Adequate light- Temperature controlTeacher Works as Facilitator-...

What age mobile should be given to kids?
How Bullying Can Be Controlled?
Which Country Provides Best Education?
What Should Be Teacher-to-Student Ratio Per Class?

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10 Life Tips for New Graduates

10 Life Tips for New Graduates

10 life tips for new graduates which should help you become a successful person, develop a strong character, sustain a happy soul and maintain a healthy & balanced life.

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