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27.    Develop social skills – No I am not talking about Facebook or Instagram here. What I mean is that your kids should learn how to develop and sustain relationships in real life. It is highly recommended that kids pay visit to their cousins, grandparents, friends and attend social events in the neighborhood. It’s well known fact that kids with better social skills progress more in personal and professional life. Encourage your kids to maintain relationships not only during good times but bad times too.

28.    Subscribe the right YouTube channels – If you have Smart TV let them subscribe to qualitative, knowledgable, informative channels. Chose the channels that have long lasting impact on your kids’ personality and their future. Discourage them for wasting their time on Netflix or online gaming channels.   

29.    Vaccination track – Well, this is something you must be doing already. Just in case you do not have formal record for your kids’ vaccines, please do so. We never know when this kind of stuff is needed.  

30.    Organize their documents in a file – In recent years we have to maintain so many records for our kids. It is recommended to purchase separate folders/files for each kid to keep their records organized. You may keep birth certificates, vaccines records, gadgets warranty receipts, schools fee receipts and off course their academic records.  

31.    Back-up the documents in your email – While physical record management is important, it is highly recommended to take its picture and send it to your Gmail. This will ensure you have all the records available with you on the go. And in case, the physical copy is damaged or lost, you still have a copy of it in your Gmail for quick needs.

32.    Set reminders for ID cards, passport renewals – It is recommended to make an excel file and enter the expiry dates of all important documents such as Passport renewals, bank cards renewal, car renewal, vis renewal, insurance renewal and so on. Print this file and paste it on inner side of cupboard or on refrigerator so that it stays under your radar.

33.    Set yearly targets – Try to set New Year Resolutions and encourage your kids to learn or achieve something new every year. Help your kids writing down their targets such as learning Horse riding, losing 3 kg weight, learning Microsoft Excel skills, writing 30 articles and submitting to blogs such as this one for publication

34.    Travel together – Travelling together gives enormous exposure to our kids. Instead of buying new costly gadgets every year, plan visiting another city or country. Let your kids experience new things. Remember, you need to uplift their information level, maturity and teach them about general life lessons. Experiencing new activities unleashes your kids’ personality.  

35.    Dine out together – If traveling to other city or country is something heavy on your pocket, it is suggested to take your kids for dining out, you don’t have to choose costly places though. As parent you need to ensure that dine out time is spent in light mode. Discuss about good memories, future plans or simply share jokes. Let the dine out time become the best family time for your kids.

36.    Spiritual guidance and exposure – God is the source of all the good in our life. Let your kids practice gratitude by constantly reminding about God’s blessings. These days kids develop delayed-gratitude because most of their wishes are fulfilled quickly. Read some articles about connection-with-God and narrate to your kids. Not only that, you need to practice such traits if you want your kids to be spiritually strong. Remember, things do not bring happiness, it is our state of mind that decides the level of happiness. It is proven that people who have strong spiritual connections with God, people who practice gratitude, people who dedicate their times for God result in high levels of contentment.

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