A New Year’s resolution is a self commitment that you will make to achieve personal goals, complete certain project or reform a bad habit. This commitment will be your driving force to consistently exert efforts throughout the year in order for achieve what you want to achieve. . Below are the Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students that you may choose from. Additionally take consent from your parents, friends, siblings and teachers to seek guidance and finalize your plan.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students

1 – Learning New Stuff:  

As a student, learning should be your top priority. While you gain more and more knowledge through your academic activities, this is not what this new year resolution is intended for here. You need to think about additional learning such as robotics, self driving cars, programming languages, reading a new book, learning to blog, launching a new website and so on. Remember the fact that gaining more and more knowledge increases your wisdom level because knowledge provides you insightful information about your field of your interest.

2 – Sustaining Health and Fitness: 

With the invention of new luxuries and online gaming, the average duration of staying active has largely deteriorated. That means students of current age are becoming lazier and lazier. The poor health stats of current youth portray confirm the same which has raised the bar for health related concerns. What adds fuel to the fire is our increased liking for fast foods and dining out more frequently and in unhealthy restaurants. This year, make a commitment to yourself to minimize eating fast foods and shift to vegetables and fruits. Further, joining a gym or any games/fitness club will also be a good idea.     

3 – Reducing the clutters: 

Most of you will have tens of T-shirts, jeans, pair of shoes, socks, bed sheets and several other fashion stuff. Also you will agree that many of these items have been there in the closet for months and have not been in use. While some of them were your favorite ones, but not anymore now. This clutter has filled in your wardrobes, drawers and store rooms etc. This year, develop the habit of 6 months rule that states: “If something has not been used for the last 6 months, there is a most likely chance that it will not be used in next 6 months so better to give this to poor people & family around me”. Hence it is sort of imperative to get your space cleaned up by handing over such stuff to any charity organization or any poor ones near you.  

4 – Simplify Your Life Style

As a student, it is natural to shop new shoes and garments to impress your classmates which itself is not a great personality trait, this habit increases the amount of junk in our closets. Basically what happens is that over the course of time we keep purchasing things because of our instant buying habit mixed with our intention to show-off and then eventually we dump these things in the closets or home store. As a student you may not understand it thoroughly however the fact is that people who live simple life have higher happiness index. Hence, in line with Resolution # 3, controlling the urge to buy more and staying simple should also be in your new year resolution list.

5 –  Spend More Time With Your Family: 

Spending more and more time on social media, reading about gossips, posting your pictures, gives us instant happiness however as a wise teenager, you will realize that it wastes a lot of time and indirectly takes us away from our loved (parents and siblings). With such socializing habits you are on the verge of becoming new age orphans. Whereas the fact is that people who spend less time with families are comparatively less happier and vice versa. Hence, this year, your focus should be to work on strengthening (and empowering) your bond with your family. This can be achieved by spending more time with your mother, father and siblings. This also includes planning more family events, picnic, dining out events, exploring new city together and so on.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students
Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students 13

6 – Getting Organized: 

Staying organized has many advantages in terms of having more time for yourself and family; in terms of saving money; peace of mind, better health, balanced life and improved professional/Social life. This year your focus should be develop self-controlling and self-organizing skills. This can be achieved in several ways such as preparing your daily weekly schedules using digital apps such as Todoist etc. This article is about Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students

7 –  Setting and Achieving Financial Targets: 

As a student you are not supposed to make a lot of income, yet it is good to start setting up basic goals on how to earn money. There are many ways student can make money. Our blog will soon have an article on this subject as well. Apart from that you can explore

  • Using graphics designing
  • Working as Task Rabbit
  • Digital Freelancing
  • Content Writing
  • Baby Sitting

9-    Helping Others: 

Charity Services are the tax we pay back to society for living on earth. Almost all of the religions emphasize to its followers to take care of people around them. Practically speaking, you can assign 3-5% of your earnings for charity projects within your country or foreign countries who are less fortunate; having low or no food and/or having lack of other basic human necessities like water, clothes, medicines etc.

Apart from the charity aspect, very human being is gifted by God in a unique way. You may have good math skills, better explanation skills, writing skills, baby care skills, coding skill or any other skill, please use that to benefit someone somewhere. Even if you do not have any specific skill, develop the helping attitude at small scale such as helping your mother for home chores, helping your siblings on study matters, helping your classmates for exams and so on.

Overall speaking, I would not call it a new year resolution instead it would be in Every New Year Resolution and hence I would highly urge you to consider including this in your every New Year resolution and start making an impact in the world!

10-   Avoiding Bad Company and Fixing Bad Habits: 

A man is known by the company he keeps. Not only that, you are the product of 5 closest people you spend time with. If you have 5 millionaire friends, you will most likely be the 6th one. Similarly, if your 5 closest friends are time wasters, you will be the 6th one, i guarantee that. The reason is simple, we get inspiration from the people we like. This inspiration, positive or negative, develop our good or bad habits. While good habits take you the highway of success, bad habits equally will destroy your future. This year, try to make new friends based on the quality of thoughts and quality of habits they possess. Also, get rid of toxic friends and toxic habits (such as time wasting, negative thinking, drinking, smoking, too much gaming etc.

Closing Remarks

Life is all about continuous learning and growth. A new year resolution should not be made once and then forgotten. Instead, you should make a new year resolution which is based on SMART approach. That means it has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. Once your goals are set, split them into monthly targets and if possible, weekly and daily targets. Also you need to have daily, weekly or monthly self-audits to find out whether you are slowing down or progressing well.

Wishing you a very healthy and prosperous year and a bright future!


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