This article is continuation of 50+ parenting tips for toddlers and teenager for empowring them to be more mature, happy and successful in life. If you have not read the first 6 parts, it is highly recommended to click on the links provided below.

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57.    It is said that you are the product of 5 closest people of your life. When teenagers start socializing with friends whom their parents are not aware of, there is a possibility they get attracted to drinking and alcohol. It is important for you as a parent to provide detailed guidance on the harms of smoking, drinking and drugs etc. Let your kid know that such habits will lead to serious health problem and some of these habits may lead them to do criminal acts and they end up landing in jail.

58.    Developing confidence and assertiveness – Shyness is long term failure. In practical life, bold and assertive people always take advantages of the situations. They grow more in their carrier because of being outspoken. While for many of us, shyness is a natural phenomenon and cannot be fully resolve, yet it can be improved up to a large extent. So, even if you are a shy parent, do not let this personality trait grow much in your children. Help your shy kids and encourage them to be more extrovert and talkative. Encourage them to express their feelings and when they do, do not criticize, instead empower them with more constructive feedback about their feelings.   

59.    Help your kids to become independent – I have seen mothers providing assistance to their kids for the things they can manage themselves.  I have seen mothers, giving comfort to their kids on tiny matters. Such kids become parasites when they grow up. Children should be taught on how to do things. Once done, they should be doing the stuff themselves. This doesn’t mean, parents will not supervise them anymore, instead, this means children should start managing their life at their own instead of being dependent on their parents. If they fail, they should be guided properly. Children who start managing their work (cupboard cleaning, food table cleaning, getting ready for school, managing their bag, putting clothes in laundry, making cereals and so on) become more responsible, confident and resilient in their life.

60.    Mobile Usage Regulation – Mobile device can be used for many purposes (connecting with people via phone calls, email and communication, messaging service, social media, entertainment, book study, tools and productivity. Wise are the people who maintain the balance. Wise are the parents who teach their kids on how to establish an balanced approach for using the mobile device for needs and desires. Off course, human nature is to enjoy the life in full, however life cannot be enjoyed by having an irresponsible approach. Hence it is important for parents to provide guidance to kids to use the mobile responsibly. Sometimes you might have challenges to establish check and balance on how your kids are using mobile device. For such situation, check out this resource “Parental Control Setup for mobile” and “Parental Control in Google Play

61.    Listen to understand – Attentive listening enhances your child’s trust in you which leads to improving self-confidence. When you pay attention to your child and help him express his feelings, you are empowering his thought process. When your child tries to explain you anything, get involved fully. If possible, stop whatever you are doing, and become full ears. Even if your child is incorrect, appreciate on what he/she is telling you. Instead of saying “You are wrong”, try saying “let me explain you”. If you use directive language or behave in a destructive feedback, you will damage your child’s personality. Try to use metaphors for kids and all the positive words you can think of. Check out this resource about “Listening to Kids

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