60+ Interesting Things To Do When Kids Are Bored

by Junaid.Tahir

Back in 90s kids never complained about being bored. Even i didn’t know what ‘bored’ means as I used to spend most of my time with friends and having fun by doing simple stuff at home, in our street or in the play ground. Time is different now. Kids want variety in everything and if you are a parent reading this article, i am sure you listen to this sentences several times a week now. This is a quick and easy to understand 60+ Interesting Things To Do When Kids Are Bored

60+ Interesting Things To Do When Kids Are Bored

  1. Car Brands search and find out what are the latest cars out there in market
  2. Create slimes or claydo or Oblec at home
  3. Create your own YouTube Channel and showcase your skills
  4. Search about different cities of the word (make wish list of world travel and things to do there)
  5. Make something from Legos (or similar blocks)
  6. Learn face painting
  7. Learn Microsoft skills (Excel, Word etc.)
  8. Make a lemonade stand and sell it in your community
  9. Start graphics designing
  10. Explore Religions of the World
  11. Get a Kindle to read
  12. Make a face mask out of cardboard
  13. Make an animation using online free tools
  14. Read books
  15. Create domino effect with junk and cards
  16. Play Ludo
  17. Play Monopoly
  18. Learn Magic Tricks
  19. Learn a new skill (cooking, card designing, affiliate marketing etc)
  20. Collect coins
  21. Buy an inflatable pool and enjoy the summer
  22. Buy a slide or swing and install in your garden
  23. Play with siblings (hide and seek)
  24. Go out and play sports
  25. Do exercise
  26. Create free websites
  27. Help Your Parents in house chores (room cleaning, dish washing)
  28. Sun bath
  29. Visit a Park
  30. Keep a pet
  31. Go to a mall and shop
  32. Buy an activity book
  33. Decorate your room
  34. Gardening activities
  35. Learn artificial flowers arraignment
  36. Learn Salad making and dressing
  37. Help elder people in the neighborhood
  38. Read articles and kids’ stories online
  39. Make bracelets
  40. Learn sewing, knitting and stitching
  41. Baking and cooking
  42. Learn hair styling
  43. Make obstacles at home
  44. Create models from junk
  45. Quran Reading and Learning
  46. Buy jigsaw puzzles
  47. Making mazes in home
  48. Family car cleaning
  49. Wash clothes
  50. Kitchen cleanup
  51. Ask your kids to prepare grocery list
  52. Visit to orphan center
  53. Visit to grand parents
  54. Visit to graveyard
  55. visit library
  56. Buy a Rubik Cube
  57. Online Shopping for Important stuff
  58. Download free android and IOS apps for learning
  59. Learn Origami
  60. Collect stamps
  61. Learn Swimming
  62. Visit Zoo
  63. Visit Aquarium
  64. Interview with Grand Parents
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60+ Interesting Things To Do When Kids Are Bored

Would you suggest any other activities that should be added in this list? Share with us and help other parents 🙂

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