Parents are quick to distrust the capability of video games. As parents, you may think that video games are just for leisure and ruin education. You fear that video games might divert your childs’ attention or make them dumb. Little do you realize that video games may also help ramp up concentration, maximize memory and improve your children’s language. This article is about Can Video Games Be Productive For Students?

 A recent study by researchers found that children who played video games had a high level of cognitive and emotional skills. This proves that playing video games increases multidimensional skills in children. The study also stated that playing video games increases performance at school when compared to the children who refrained from playing. It has also been found that video games increase the competitive nature and compel your children to study with determination. Video games also help your children reduce stress.


Can Video Games Be Productive For Students?


Video games improve mental well-being

 You might have observed that your child lacks dedication and concentration toward education. The best solution is to find an engaging video game that decreases mental and emotional health issues. Video games can divert your child’s attention from the stress of a new environment. However, rest and refreshment are equally crucial for your child to focus on education. It has been found that a break of 10 mins can boost the memory levels and increase the capacity to memorize.


Video games cater to individual learning

 Did you know that video games provide a specialized approach to learning? Since every child is different from one another, they require special attention. The video games provide a customized speed option, where your child can pick their pace to complete the task. Gradually your child will develop their speed, which will help increase their speed at school.

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Can Video Games Be Productive For Students?



 Video games teach new skills

 If your child finds it hard to focus on problems and solve them, or if they have issues remembering the subjects, video games greatly help. These video games will help your child in spatial thinking, memorizing the characters, developing their perception, and improving their problem-solving skills.


Video games make learning fun

 Did you know that no matter how much you impart knowledge, your child will create a perception of their own? Video games help your child create their perception through different themes and concepts. 

 For example, if your child has difficulty remembering the periodic table, the video game would help them. Did you ever stop your child from playing Pokémon? If yes, ask them to play it again as the game helps them use 17 different Pokémon to create a decisive battle. In the same way, they can mix the elements of the periodic table to understand the subjects.


Is there a Link Between Video Games and e-Learning?

 Teachers in 21st-century schools are applying various video games in education. For example, games such as DragonBox Algebra are used to solve maths problems in fantasy land. This video game increases the critical thinking in your child. 

 There is another game known as “Civilization”, where your child can select a civic leader and learn about their nations. Finally, if your child is interested in Arts and banking, there are games such as ARTe-Mecenas and Medici Family on these subjects. Here, your child can become a patron and act as a banker.


How do Video games help students in the learning process?

 To improve your child’s intellect, encourage them to play simulation video games. This simply means that they need to play multitasking games. For example, video games such as puzzles, mystery, and detective games can help your child brainstorm. 

 You should feel lucky if your child plays racing car and bike games online. The reason is that they help increase the speed and better focus on the studies. As a result, your child can increase their speed in learning concepts and estimate the time taken to complete the education

There are plenty of simulation games available online which connect with real life. These games range from airplane driving which teaches your child about the basic ideas to driving the plane. 

 In this way, your child can understand the work done in each job / profession. If you want to increase your child’s focus, then encouraging them to play online sports video games would be the ideal solution.

 Schools are now creating a smooth link between video games and e-learning. Video games are also being used for teaching new languages so your child can learn the basics of a foreign language in just two weeks. They are improving their current curriculum by increasing the education to video-game-based learning. This method would solve most of your issues, and your child will soon start focusing on the e-learning module. Additionally, the amount of satisfaction and interest in your child for studying would improve gradually.



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