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Introduction – Self Driving Cars

According to caranddriver a self-driving car is a type of vehicle that does not need a person to operate it. Instead, It uses advanced sensory technology like lidar, sonar, GPS, radar, or odometry and inertial measurements to identify environmental changes and adapt to restore safe speed or distance.

Self Driving Cars
Training - Self Driving Cars 11

Training Detail – Self Driving Cars

In this program, you’ll sharpen your Python skills, apply C++, apply matrices and calculus in code, and
touch on computer vision and machine learning. These concepts will be applied to solving self-driving car
problems. At the end, you’ll be ready for our Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program!

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Visit the training from Udacity about Self Driving Cars and earn Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree

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  1. Editor, DailyTenMinutes

    Did you know that the field of autonomous vehicles is set to grow by 42% within the next fo‍ur yea‍rs?

    Or that salaries for top engineers average between $300k-$500k?

    If you’d like to get the in-demand skills you need to advance in this lucrative field, check out our part-ti‍me, online Autonomous Systems Nanodegree programs where you’ll:

    1 Learn from the world’s foremost robotics experts
    2 Explore self-driving cars with Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google’s self-driving car team, sensor fusion built in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, and learn robotics from industry leaders like NVIDIA
    3 Complete industry-designed projects that showcase your skills to employers
    4 Tackle real-world projects such as building a route planner, detecting obstacles in lidar, finding lane lines on the road, and filtering data from an array of sensors
    5 Learn key techniques that world-class companies are recruiting for, including C++, Robotics, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Sensor Fusion, and 3D Motion Planning
    6 Use CloudFormation, Ansible, Kibana, Grafana, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, and Kubernetes
    Putting in just 1‍0-1‍5 hou‍rs a we‍ek for as few as thr‍ee mon‍ths, you can learn the skills you need to help advance your tech career and increase your earning potential.



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