5 Guiding Principles Of A Purposeful Life

by Junaid.Tahir
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One of the key success factors of effective parenting is how much guidance you have provided to your children for living a purposeful life. A purposeful living means that your children’s vision and their thinking pattern is aligned with some of the great values and should be empowered by large mental horizon, setting larger life goals and achieving excellence in their field of interest . This article is “5 Guiding Principles Of A Purposeful Life”

It is important to guide your teen agers that small minds will have limited purpose in their life. For example: landing a dream job, buying a big house, acquiring certain certification, getting settled in certain country and so on. These are necessities of life, not purpose of life. While these dreams are good to have, their vision should be to think of something universal and something beyond their personal benefits. Educate them that money is a by-product of their efforts. That means if they are able to successfully achieve larger goals in life, money will be coming their ways anyway!

5 Guiding Principles Of A Purposeful Life
5 Guiding Principles Of A Purposeful Life 15

5 Guiding Principles Of A Purposeful Life

What to Speak To Your Children – [5 Guiding Principles Of A Purposeful Life]

Remember that two days are very important in your life – The day you were born on and the day you find out why…. So Discover your purpose as early as possible.

  1. Do something that impacts the life of every soul on earth.
  2. Play and effective and assertive role to fix some serious problem of humanity
  3. Focus on spreading the good every day. Use the power of social media. Remember, every single good deed is appreciated by God and will be rewarded according to the level of purity. Remember, Great deeds are measured by God based on your intentions and efforts and not according to the result.
  4. Write down your vision (what do you want to achieve, where do you want to reach, what impact you want to have on the planet, what legacy you want to leave behind)
  5. Once you have clear vision, write down your mission statement which should include how you will achieve

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