3 Most Common Misconceptions About Studying Abroad

Leaving your country to go abroad and complete your higher study is a tough task. No one wants to go far away from their friends or family. However, in order to achieve something, in order to start a new move you have to sacrifice something. 

As the same as the game of chess, you cannot expect everything to go your way. You have to start something; you have to plan things in your mind. In order to go on that planned road of yours, you need to make some sacrifices first. You have to sacrifice some material before opening the door to get to the king and checkmate. Similarly, you have to go towards your goal and in order to open the gates of opportunities you have to first leave some things behind. Either you want to carry on with your game of life as it is or want to risk some material in the way to win at this game of life. The choice is yours and yours only.

Back to the topic, if you are preparing to leave your country in order to start a new life as a student in a developed nation such as the USA or Canada. Then we have some of the most common misconceptions that candidates always feel inside their heads about going abroad and studying there. Other than that if you have any issue in your student study visa then we recommend you to pay a visit to USA study visa consultants in Jalandhar as they have a well-experienced and trustworthy staff.

3 Most Common Misconceptions About Studying Abroad

1- Studying Abroad Is Too Much Expensive

This is one of the most common myths that going to a new country and spending several years studying there will be an activity full of expense. Which is not totally false. It is a task that will require money but you don’t need to demonize it. Most of the money that you need is for the college tuition fee, other than the remaining expenses which are money to eat food, to provide shelter, to pay bills are some reasons that demand your money. 

You will be able to pay these expenses by doing some part-time jobs in the country. Small part-time jobs with the study will assist you in paying for your living expenses. These jobs are well-paid jobs such as working as a servant or a delivery person. If we talk about the college fee then you can borrow it from someone if you are not financially strong enough or there are always student loans available for those who want to join a college or university but are not strong enough to pay. After completing their program they can pay the loans slowly and slowly. Check out this example source on how you can make money using graphics tools

2- I Will Not Be Able To Communicate With Anyone

Communication can be a little tough as you are moving to a country where they speak a different language. However, you won’t be facing any difficulty if you have a good basic base of the language. Other than that you won’t be the only person there that is not a native speaker of the foreign language. You can and will find many other people from your area that speak the language as similar to yours. There will be many other students as well as you who are also thinking the same things that you do. Mainly, remember that you are not the only one in this race, there are other candidates as well

3- I Will Be All Alone There

This is one of the myths that come to many students’ minds. Mostly they are afraid that a new country will mean that they will be all alone.  The moment they will leave their friends and the family will be the moment when they are all disconnected from their loved ones. This is not all correct. For sure you will be far from your home and loved ones. But, you can find a new place in your new country which you can call your home. Other than that, the possibility of meeting new people that share the same vibe as you is always there no matter where you head to. So this is nothing but a misconception only.


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