#Check PointExpectationYour Ranking
1Average class size Poor
2Quality Education Fair
3Teachers’ Credentials Good
4Attention to each student Fair
5home work Fair
6Discipline Poor
7Career Counselling  Good
8Bullying Control Poor
9Weekend Classes Good
10Hall of Fame Fair
11Award System Good
12Volunteering Activities Best
13Foreign Languages Best
14Both physical and mental games Fair
15Arts and Crafts Fair
16Interschool Competitions Best
17Events Best
18Ease of Fee Payment Fair
19Attendance System Fair
20Reports to Parents Best
21helpful staff Best
22Parents engagements Fair
23Conduct Polls and Review Fair
24Email notifications Best
25Classroom facilities Best
26Prayer room Best
27Games area Good
28Clinic / Emergency room Fair
29Washrooms quality Fair
30Food shop Best
31Library Fair
32School Trips Fair
33Safety and Security Best
34Transport System Fair
35Sibling Fee concession Fair
  * this article is under construction  

If you would like to recieve MS excel version of above check list, please send an email to –> hello @ allgoodschools .com

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