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Some Ideas to write about:

  • X reasons on why Japan School System is one of the best in the world

  • What extracurricular activities should be organized in Schools?

  • What are the best school systems in the world and why?

  • What is your main complaint with your child school?

  • Should schools consider education with electronic devices?

  • Do you think the exam system in Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) is justified?

  • How to hire a good teacher for your school?

  • Whats skills should be taught to grade 10 students before they start college?

  • How to improve Parent Teacher Meetings ?

  • Should homework be given to students?

  • What foreign languages should be taught in school and from what age?

  • Ethical education should be given in school?

  • How to regulate fee structure?

  • What are standard needs a school must provide to kids (first aid, healthy snacks etc)?

  • Why Finland provides best education ?

  • X number of problems with Pakistan/Indian School Systems?

  • Skills based learning should be introduced at what age?

  • Teachers training and skills enhancement

  • Educating the parents

  • How to establish scholarship programs for good students?

  • Apps development for improving education

  • X best android apps for your kids

  • How schools can stop bullying?

  • What are the aspects of a great school echo system?

  • what are the needs of a great classroom?

  • How to improve quality of teachers and teaching?

  • How often school trips should be arranged?

  • How to arrange best school trip?

  • How to improve mental level of kids (IQ)?

  • Why kids should be taught of IQ, AQ and SQ (intelligent, Social, Aptitude quotient)?

  • X Tips to cool down an aggressive child?

  • X Tips for Emotionally hyper kids

  • what are best teaching techniques teachers can use?

  • Importance of student alumina and student learning groups

  • School Monitoring system – X salient features

  • Robotics and Machine learning trainings for students

  • X International competitions which students should take part in?

  • X best School Management Softwares (WordPress etc)

  • How to ensure creative learning in schools>

  • How to handle unregistered private schools?

  • Why it is important to have Teachers Regulatory Body?

  • How to control bribes in school (exam passing)?

  • How to fix ratta (memorization) system approach and promote cognitive skills?

  • What is the role of a school principal?

  • What is the role of parents for kids education?

  • How education budget in Pakistan is utilized?

  • How education budget is utilized in India?

  • Student to teacher ratio? How to decide? What are the key factors for this?

  • How much of physical education is needed per week?

  • What soft skills should be taught in schools in grade 10?

  • How to instill discipline in kids?

  • What age mobile phone should be given?

  • How bullying affects your child’s psychology?

  • How modern libraries should be established?

  • How to enhance confidence of kids?

  • What moral education should be taught?

  • Why you should join “student council“?

  • What are the future jobs we should teach our kids today?

  • X confidence building activities for students?

  • X example of teaching kids to spend wisely

  • Benefits of using technology in classroom

  • Why today’s students need technology?

  • Why students fail?

  • X healthy lunch ideas for students

  • X activities for weekend

  • Benefits of no-digital-day

  • X Digital skills for today’s kids

  • X Challenges of teachers in school

What Should Be Stopped In Schools

What Should Be Stopped In Schools

This page compiles parents feedback on what they DO NOT like in their kids school. This covers unnecessary actions or problem-causing school activities that should be stopped by the school.

Checklist – Evaluate Your Kids’ School

Checklist – Evaluate Your Kids’ School

#Check PointExpectationYour Ranking1Average class size Poor2Quality Education Fair3Teachers' Credentials Good4Attention to each student Fair5home work Fair6Discipline Poor7Career Counselling  Good8Bullying...

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