This article covers 20+ important aspects of better classroom and better education grouped in 7 categories.

  1. IT Infrastructure

    – Projector availability (to showcase videos)
    – Mic (depending upon class size)
    – White board (to scribble)

  2. Classroom Size and Furniture

    – Enough chairs
    – Cupboard for placing bags
    – Adequate light
    – Temperature control

  3. Teacher Works as Facilitator

    – Instills learning
    – Creates suspense
    – Assigns research based assignments
    – Read these 33 qualities of a great teacher

  4. Collaboration

    – Everyone’s engagement is ensured
    – Everyone becomes the team lead once in a while
    – Everyone has to present once in a while

  5. Variety of Learning Methods

    – Question answer session
    – Quick workshops where students speak to each other and discuss solutions to problems

  6. Healthy Competition

    – Every student is given different assignment
    – Every assignment has percent contribution towards end exam

  7. Clear Expectation about Success Criteria

    – Rules are clearly defined
    – Exam approach is fair and candid

References: Edutopia, TeachThought, GreatSchools

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