How To Achieve 100% Literacy Rate In Poor Countries

How To Achieve 100% Literacy Rate In Poor Countries

This article covers 12 important aspects to ensure maximum literacy rate in poor countries of Asia and Africa in particular.

Following actions are required to be taken by respective ministries, local bodies, private investors, philanthropic organizations to enhance the literacy rates.

  1. Free Books and Uniform

    Books and uniform should be sponsored.

  2. Child Labor Control

    Police and local law enforcement agencies should work together to make sure no kids are appointed on the job.

  3. Exposure to Parents

    Govt should work on providing exposure to the parents on why education is vital for their kids. The awareness campaigns may be planned via booklets, sending location based SMS, whatsApp massaging, internet, local TV channels and village specific seminars.

  4. Sponsor a kid

    Govt should work on the campaigns requesting rich people of the society to sponsor the education of one kid per year.

  5. Stipend Issuance

    Kids having 90% class attendance should be given extra rewards.

  6. Free School Fee

    Up to primary class, education fee shouldn’t be charged.

  7. Free Vocational Trainings

    To attract the illiterate teenagers govt to consider providing free vocational trainings (carpenters, farming techniques, mechanics etc). This should be bundled with mandatory education.

  8. Identify the need of New Schools

    Govt should produce publicly available stats on which areas more schools are needed, how much funds are needed, how many kids will get benefit from the new school. This information will help attract local / international NGOs and rich individuals to provide funds for establishing more good schools.

  9. Special Focus for Female Literacy

    Govt should work on the techniques to provide awareness to parents to let their daughters study at all cost. As someone said, give me good mothers and i will give you good nation”

  10. Prison Literacy

    Ethical, moral and educational sessions should be scheduled to improve the prison literacy. Thousands and thousands of prisoners can become better citizens if they are provided the right amount of education.

  11. Criteria of Literacy

    Some of the countries have very poor literacy measurement criteria. For example, if a person can write his/her name, he is considered as literate. Countries should raise the bar of measurement and focus on to improve the quality of education as well as higher literacy rate.

  12. Mandatory Schooling Years

    A law must be passed that every individual must go attend at least 10 years of education. This must be linked with some citizen-specific benefits so that minimum education is ensured.

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